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Disrupt Now Podcast Ep. #40:
A Woman's Journey to Clarity

Special Guest: Jessica Tosser


Host: Natalie Viglione

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Jessica Tosser's Journey to Clarity, Episode 40

This episode is all about getting clear and building a new path to evolve your life. This is what clarity can do for you!


Having clarity is when we get totally clear in our purpose. It's SEEING the path with open minds, hearts, and eyes. Clarity allows us to drive our evolution. For example, there's nothing better than having business goals with a clear plan of action, and, in fact, that's the stuff dreams are made of! And like all good things, it's a process and it takes time to fully create that type of path. No matter what "evolution" looks like for our unique journeys, we must have the understanding that there's no "overnight pill" that brings dreams to fruition. There's only goals, plans, and the tactical day to day action items that build it out over time that create new habits! The outcome of this hard work is so much better than the aimless wandering of the soul.

A lack of clarity results in the aimless wandering of the mind in the form of scattered thoughts, the physical act of wandering from job to job, to side hustle to side hustle. Without knowing the reality of what is meant for your unique soul, these aimless wanderings will continue to create dissatisfaction all throughout your life. The solution is to write out a vision, create a plan, and bring it to life with total clarity. Doing it WITH a partner (a life guide/coach, business guide/coach) can make the tools provided to you MUCH deeper than trying to wrap around these processes solo.

This episode is a deep dive into the why and how of what gaining clarity can mean in your life, and what it meant for Jessica. We talk about BUILDING DAILY HABITS and the absolute importance of this in your life. She also will share how she went from being a teacher to a side hustle that had nothing to do with her unique purpose that led to more dissatisfaction. But, when she got REALLY CLEAR and built a vision, the changes that came from that helped her get into full alignment with her soul's purpose. Now, her day to day is doing what she LOVES!


Jessica Tosser is a life and business coach, helping women to transition from the overwhelm of a 9-5 job to having a business they love.

Jessica believes that mindset is 80% of success in both business and life. Jessica works with clients to gain clarity, align values, and create an action plan that creates confidence and daily habits that lead to the end goal. Jessica was an international teacher for many years.

While living abroad, she founded a non-profit organization supporting Ukrainian orphans. After moving back to the States, Jessica continued in the online realm. She built her coaching business from scratch, allowing her to quit her full-time teaching job. She now trains, coaches, and consults with women wanting to also quit their jobs to create the life and business they desire.

"It is important to have a long-term vision and create an action plan from that. So many people want to start with the action plan. But by starting with your long-term vision, and then creating goals and an action plan to get you to your vision, you will much more likely end up in the place you want to be. I have a guide for creating more income while building your business at the same time, please go here to view:" -- Jessica Tosser