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Disrupt Now Podcast, Episode 24

The New Male Warrior

Episode 24 of the Disrupt Now Podcast is out. We’re exploring The New Male Warrior®, a concept by Natalie Viglione.

Traditions, this word is used to describe things that are kept over the years that are thought to be inherently good in humanity, but there is a difference between traditions that are based on LOVE and nostalgia versus keeping bad habits alive. Traditions meant for good, for keeping alive great memories of a past time (think your granny’s recipes or your custom to sit around the fireplace on a holiday), are good and feel good. But, a lot of the things that we accept as “traditions” are really just bad habits that continue to be carried from the past and NO LONGER SERVE HUMANS TODAY!

Things like gender bias and discrimination. Race bias and discrimination. Don't you think it's time our world stops these horrid traditions? Paradigms in our world have shifted, and the old days are gone so let's leave them in where they belong, in a past time long gone.

There is a battle going on, but it has been a silent plea of the weak to be heard. However, with the #MeToo movement things have shifted for women (let me rephrase, they've started to shift). And, this needs to continue to spread its wings to stop the pain and angst felt by too many others in this world. A world without looking at race or gender is a more conscious world! Archaic norms that don't serve us anymore, which really is the status quo, must die! We must restate what a warrior means, and we must redefine what it means to thrive in masculine and feminine energies so that we don’t continue to limit a human’s potential any longer. Period.

Here’s an interesting exercise to try before you listen to this episode. Go to Google and go to images, type in the word “warrior” and see what comes up. Our special guest is Mark Viglione. He is the husband and business partner of Natalie Viglione, the creator, and host. Mark went on this journey, and what you’ll see is a bunch of images of beast-like men that are wielding swords, or trojan warriors and Vikings. There may be one or two images of women squished in there in a type of “battle dress” (of course insanely sexy battle clothing), but it’s predominantly just a lot of imagery of men ready for battle.

We don’t have battles like that anymore. Sure, there are battles, but war is something very different today. The real battle we all face is this continuation of gender and race discrimination, and us “warriors” are battling to make the status quo to die! It has become a battle of wisdom versus ignorance.

So how do men (or the males, the masculine) find their balance today when they have been the ones that “go to battle,” that “go to work,” and then women (or the females, the feminine) are the caretakers and “less than” category?

We explore this topic with an intro by Natalie Viglione, host, and a special guest co-host, Andrea Mejia on the Team Gu and Disrupt Now Program crew.

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