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EP. 56, The Power of the New Masculine and What It Means for the World Right Now

The World Will Become Empowered When We Integrate and Harmonize

· Podcast Episode,Soul-based Living

Carl Logrecco, Creator of Warrior Dad, is the guest today for the 2nd time. If you didn’t hear his previous episode, it was Ep. 19 entitled: Discussing What Is the New Masculine?

Today, we’re going to hone in on The Power of the New Masculine and What It Means for the World. Here’s how men can transform through career, business, fatherhood, sex, being a good partner, etc.

In this episode, we explore:

  • How we need to understand that most men don’t live in a day-to-day environment where feelings are “allowed” to be explored

  • Why men need safe spaces to NOT be judged, too, it’s not just a “woman thing”

  • Why the words and energies masculine doesn’t equal “men” and feminine doesn’t equal “woman”

  • How men can practice living PURPOSE and moving towards love, joy, peace, and compassion by integrating their intuition and logic

  • How men are searching for a deeper meaning, they just don’t know how to get there yet (and how to start the journey)

  • Why shattering paradigms of what men are “supposed to be” and creating the opportunity to step into purpose, integrity and learning what showing up really means creating THE NEW MASCULINE shift

And lots more juicy details!

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Learn More and Connect with Carl Logrecco

C.C. (Coach Carl) Logrecco started this company in La Jolla, California in 2000, using a pre-paid cell phone and running the business from his truck. 17 years later he has consulted with many entrepreneurs, businesses, authors of “The Secret," to billionaire Bill Bartmann. This fiery empath is nothing short of bold and straight up, yet a gentle beast when it comes to how business men show up and lead.


He has authored 4 books, including a best seller and has led hundreds of seminars and workshops on sales, marketing, leadership and personal growth. His most treasured accomplishment came during his trips to India, Africa, Haiti and Indonesia providing humanitarian aid to children.

His experience runs deep as his track record with his clients. Having suffered major setbacks personally and professionally, C.C. has reinvented himself more than once. In 2015 he reformulated his entire company to focus on elevating men and providing them with a framework for experiencing a deeper, more raw and accomplished journey.


Carl is based in California, but he works remotely with clients all over the US. When not consulting he spends most of his time traveling, fishing and with his main side kick, his daughter Tristin whom he delivered.