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Ep. 62: Discovering the Magic in the Mess of 2020 and What’s To Come

Magic is real, we just have to know where to look (it starts within)

· Podcast Episode,Soul-based Living

2020 has been a HUGE wake up call, it has felt pretty chaotic. For business owners, we’ve had added stress, feeling as if each day is an unknown in so many ways.

2020 has been a HUGE wake up call, it has felt pretty chaotic. For business owners, we’ve had added stress, feeling as if each day is an unknown in so many ways.

Now, us lightworkers, light warriors, starseeds, etc. know WHY this is all happening -- but regardless, the collective stress and the amount of healing that we need to do as an entire world is all real. We must remember, there is magic to be awakened, discovered, created, and harnessed RIGHT NOW and as we move into this next year.

After listening to this episode with guest, Michelle Burke, a holistic healer and photographer, and host, Natalie Viglione, here’s what you’ll learn:

  • That magick is real, but must know where to look [it always starts within ourselves]
  • Harnessing “messy moments” and turning them into major opportunities
  • How to recognize vicious cycles that don’t support your growth as a person
  • Why you need to stop hunting around social media being jealous of fake people
  • How to remind yourself that we all have dark and light inside of us [everyone is a hot mess on some level]

… With many more nuggets of wisdom hidden within!

Enjoy this episode and remember that you’re not alone and that there is always someone that feels the same way you do!

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Connect with Michelle Burke:

Michelle Burke is a former middle school science teacher who realized teaching to the test was crushing her soul. She always told her students to follow their passion, which is exactly what she did. Michelle left education, and brought her passions of holistic healing, energy work, and photography together to start her own business where she shows women all over the world how to unleash their magnificence, so they can become unbound from their limitations, let the façade they’re hiding behind crumble, and express who they truly are.

She is a rebel with a cause, on a mission to clear the resistance to the dream and show the world how to play in the possibilities instead of focusing on the problems. Michelle lives by the mantra “discover the magic in your mess” and shares how its during our struggles and the low points in life in which we grow and learn the most. We all have problems, we all also have possibilities available to us and Michelle explains how to tap into the possibilities, look at things from a different point of view, not be a slave to your problems as there is always a solution, and teaches us how to dream again.

Under the guidance of Spirit, Michelle provides her audience with words of wisdom, as well as tools and resources so they can begin implementing right away.

An intuitive healer since birth, Michelle has been transforming the lives of those at crossroads for decades. She has helped guide professionals at all levels, from lawyers to CEOs, small-business owners to stay at home moms, and those recovering from addiction and abusive relationships.

Connect with Michelle:

Instagram: @magickshell

Pinterest: @magickshell


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