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A Guide for Indigos and Starseeds (and Sometimes We’re Both!)

By Natalie Viglione

Amidst the celestial whispers of starseeds and indigos, an intricate dance of enigmas unfolds.

In this video, I’ll break down the details of this important topic with an intention to share some of the secrets of their natures. As the veil lifts more and more, may a gentle wave of clarity wash over your very essence, revealing the keys and clues to your Sacred Mission.

Let the magick of your being, from the very strands of your multidimensional DNA, unfurl and awaken and the wisdom of the ages flood into your Awakened Soul.




There are varying soul family tribe groups that have come into this earthly realm to help and to assist in this time of great need and in this huge shift. Often called star seeds but also indigos and there are prophecies in other cultures that have varying names.


For example I've mentioned the rainbow warriors and this is known in the Native American or First Nations tribes and the indigos and star seeds have been coming in for quite some time. There are specific streams of wisdom that is held within the DNA in these groups but there is an overarching and ultimate objective that all hold in the heart behind the heart.


So each unique human that is a blue ray indigo and part of that cosmic lineage. They come in with their soul stream, we can say soul family and we can call this really having an ultimate goal and that goal is to awaken this mission within us and there's always a very unique way that we will bring that wisdom through in our unique gifts.


So this is really why tapping into your own unique magick is really key. And today I'm going to really zone in and focus on the blue ray indigo soul tribe. I'm a part of this tribe and I want to share more insight on the blue ray indigos to help others know and to help you reawaken that from within or to confirm.


If you're also a part of this soul family hopefully making it easier for you to recognize what your innate magick is within and then this can allow a lot more clarity to come and flood into your being.


And then at the end of this video I will share some of the wisdom of what many of us blue rays are here to bring into this world. First what is a soul or soul stream, or we can say a soul family or group.


Well this is really about array. It's array of light as there are varying frequencies of light that bring in the varying streams of wisdom that comes from other realms. And then ultimately all this is connected into a what we could say as a singularity but not in a technological way but in God's source, prime source, prime evil creator.


So there is no beginning and no end to this source of energy and as a being. So in past videos I've actually discussed a lot about the concept of a warrior and I was able to demonstrate to you that the ancient root meetings of the word actually doesn't mean what it means today in any way and it's far more zen and really it's about love and protection, guardianship truly.


And you can watch my video entitled Are you receiving galactic protector guardian warrior activation codes if you want to know more about those activation codes that have been streaming in? And the overall objective or goal, if you will, of many soul groups, soul streams in the Indigos and Star Seeds is to assist.


The basic premise is to assist humanity and all living beings here in this realm, including the consciousness we call Gaia, and the reason why is because this is a time of need and it's an end of a long cycle and it's the time where humans get to choose what's next for their soul construct, but in this realm there's an added layer of much work and that added work is to assist humanity and all living beings to break free because there's this false prison that was created by an evil swarm that broke through into this realm in what we would call ancient times.


And so it's been a constant struggle to get from underneath this falsity or often called prison, that this evil swarm of beings from other realms has created, but the good thing to note is there are many beings here to assist and there's many other beings from other realms that are sending in assistance consistently.


Now the ultimate goal is to, in varying ways, assist via an attempt to offer sovereignty and freedom to the souls who have a yearning to get out and to break free from that false imprisonment and also to free those who have been trapped in this repeated reincarnation cycles with one of the biggest traps of all that we have called Karma.


The blue rays and the blue ray indigos and the rays coming in, so those rays aren't from one place specifically, but are from varied guardian founder races. realms and in higher and original, original meaning first, creator realms.


These are places where dimensional beings exist in realms that we could say are far more advanced in knowing and are positive love vibrational realms. For example, the higher dimensional beings like the great white lion realm within Sirius, of which I have spoken about in my past videos as this is my cosmic lineage, they have sent consciousness into this realm that is then incarnated in human experience from these incended realms and the great white lions are one of the guardian founders and they are in what we would call the mother races of the blue ray and I can go over that in a future video and so I am for example one human incarnation of that consciousness stream this light this ray coming in so there are many of us here receiving the same unique stream of consciousness, but there are many of us here and what we're doing is we're bringing that consciousness, that wisdom, that awareness in our own unique flavor from the frequencies that we receive, meaning we bring it through in our own unique way, which I would say this is our unique magick, and this will be a topic covered in a future video as well.


So you will see, you will begin to see common threads of insights and wisdom coming in, and you'll be able to see who is a Blue ray indigo because we're going to get similar information and we present it in our own way through our own creative outlets, whether it's writing, whether it's doing videos and writing, whatever that might look like.


For a Blue ray indigo, upon birth, the veil of forgetting is much thinner. So we move into the deeper knowing of who we are on many levels earlier on, even if we can't put words around it when we're kids, and this comes out in many ways.


For me, for example, it began when I was two, and often the Blue ray indigo, and this goes for also indigos and star seeds, but the Blue ray indigos specifically, we're really seen as the tough cookies as well, and there's many words that can describe like a tough cookie, right?


We know what we want, we see into lies and manipulations and more, and that's the biggest underlying key is we see into lies and manipulations. I'll go into that in a minute. So what makes it a Blue ray?


The Blue ray is about the vibration and frequency of the indigo of a bluish -ray coloration which hooks into this aspect of the third eye, the throat chakra, and basically these upper three chakras of the main seven chakras in our body within the human body.


Of course, there are more than seven chakras, but these are the largest vortexing stargates in our bodies that provides us access to other realms. But the blue ray connects into the abilities of being claircognizant, which is clear wisdom, very much connected into finding the hidden codes, so the wisdom keepers of ancient knowledge or from other realms beyond earth.


So we're always going to be called into that which is hidden, into the esoteric, into the ancient. So if you've had an afascination with the occult, which by the word that word occult just means hidden, that which is hidden, and if you feel called to decode truths, expose the underworld, we could say, or the underbelly of this realm, then you can probably bet you're connected into an indigo in star seed and potentially into this indigo blue ray soul stream.


Of course there's more to it than that. But this would be a simple indication of the calling that comes to life from within when we're children and as we grow up and we form a more solid coherence of who we are.


And more than that, Blue ray indigo specifically, it's about empathic abilities that are innate and we are born with this gift. These are wise and sensitive, intuitive gifts that are innate at birth.


And we feel things so incredibly deeply and so very intensely. This means that there's also an intensity in our energy field. So we're the ones that get called fierce, emotional, hypersensitive, and other words like this.


But it's a refined fierceness. It's not aggressive. It's honest. It brings truth. Now, in an imbalanced form, it can be aggressive, but in balanced form, it's assertive and strong. So there's a big difference.


When we are out of balance as Blue ray indigos with our energetic gifts and frequencies in this form, we can use this connection of knowing highest truth. We can actually use it to manipulate. We can use it against ourselves.


But that's in imbalanced form. But in balanced form, we use it to feel into things and we just know the truth. We know the most ultimate truth. We know immediately when someone is lying. We can read truth that's encrypted into writings and we just know bullshit.


Without a doubt, we just know. The intuitive abilities really are innate. We are born with the ability to access realms that are typically not accessed from a third density experience like Earth. And the powerful language that we speak is emotions.


And this often comes through, well, emotions being able to read that language and then comes through as empathy. So the Blue ray indigos, we can use it to manipulate. new rey indigos are wise in ways that aren't about being it's not mind -wise.


It's wisdom that's held by speaking a language of emotion through empathy. And then empathy is something that's soaked into our beings from all centers and helps our minds sort out all kinds of connections.


So we would call us the dot connectors, the strategist, and we're really able to see clearly what is wrong, where there's truth lacking. And we can really see into that, as I mentioned earlier, that underbelly or that underworld incredibly easy.


And so it's about amplifying the overall learning process and taking in so much of it. We're able to process large amounts of data without flinching, but it's taking in a lot of information, not only information into our minds, into our bodies, but we're also looking and feeling into energetic bodies, the energy fields that surrounds all things.


So we are more energetically sensitive. beings. There is no doubt. And the healing that we, Blue ray indigos, are here to bring in our unique mastery, it's really about the energy of transmutation. This is a core to what alchemy means, and is what I speak of in many videos about we are the alchemists.


In fact, all humans have the capacity to be alchemists. For alchemy is truly about transmuting one energy into another, for example, emotions. Emotions sorrow into happiness, a pain into some action to heal that pain.


And so, Blue ray indigos focus on that transmutation mastery as a specialty. We are here to transmute the deepest, the most unseen underworld underbelly aspects of what's going on in this third density experience.


And this means we're going to deal with things that many do not. It's not easy. It's a huge undertaking. This is why I connect this essence of a star seed or indigo, a Blue ray indigo, for example, especially because it moves into this fabric of a warrior.


So we're guardians of a trinity of earth, terra, Gaia. And a guardian is not glamorous. It's not easy. It's a choice that we bring through ourselves into a human form, into incarnation, to bring through the consciousness to assist in our unique ways, through our unique frequencies and gifts that we're bringing through.


And as I've experienced, all of a sudden, there could be a mystery illness that happens in Blue ray indigos. Or there's trauma upon incarnation, meaning birthing into this world. So we can often become the case studies natural healing circles even because we're doing everything right but there's still something wrong, expressing as an illness and there's a reason for that.


And also there's a variation that could be about coming in to familial lineages that have severe trauma and so there can be severe levels as well from persecution from others or facing levels of injustice because the way the blue rays and the frequency that we anchor into this realm is about seeing the horrific injustices, the misery, the suffering and in this realm it's far beyond unnecessary suffering and we're transmuting all of that through our bodies, through our energy fields.


Indigos and many star seeds in general and we can be both are always going to be naturally drawn in general to exposing the truth in this matrix. both the false and the organic matrix as I would say.


And this is simply our soul's purpose and why there's an intensity of the energy field because that's really what the energy field is designed for. And what we're going to what we usually see as a blue rainbow especially we are well our energy fields trigger unconscious behaviors, karmic patterns and others.


And that happens just by the vibration that we hold. So we can become the people that have people coming to us saying I don't know why I'm telling you this but so where those people that people tell deepest darkest secrets to and so this is why it's because our the blue rays energy field is one of the only kinds of energy fields that can hold space for the profound level of what we can call the unseen the shadow.


And then we can also say we can hold space and see the negative the hidden the evil right. So we can call the blue ray and it goes the holders of space but we don't hold space to justify any of that suffering or any of the evil that happens but it means that we the energy fields have the capacity to hold space to unlock deep within the densest energies of the third density evil or draconian timelines or negative timeline as we can say.


And seeing this means having the purpose to also heal these dense energies and then bring to light ways to reconfigure the human original creation blueprint or the human original template in order to allow more positive vibrancy to anchor into this realm.


So we truly get rid of the old to awaken the new and now you can see how this connects into awakening magick. So, blue -ray indigos do not take on others' energies, they don't take on their karma, but what we're doing is awakening this dimension to finally see all the truths that are inverted, distorted, corrupted, all the lies, all the manipulations, etc.


And our energy fields brings unconscious wounds to the surface within beings that we encounter, and we can often be seen as the enemies, because, well, we surface truths that often people don't want to face, or haven't faced, or aren't ready to face, and it's really due to this false matrix that is on top of the original matrix.


And there's just so much programming and a huge level of denial that's still held in the shadow, or held in these unconscious energies. Being here in this way and serving in this way doesn't necessarily feel good.


We're typically stuck kind of as that old saying goes between the rock and the hard place because RNA truth is just connected in the frequencies and then that just triggers other people. And this happens because of the amount of light that our energy fields, the blue rays, consciousness brings into this environment.


In fact, we have shown up another choice points timelines to assist and we are the beings that got burned at the stake. That is the kind of triggering that our energy fields do in this hijacked realm by the draconian swarm.


The reason why is that blue rays can transmute what we call darkness and many humans are afraid of that darkness. And it's because of this that means so much work that we do is unseen and it's often persecuted.


It's often misunderstood. So there's a level of working that we have to hurdle over. So it's not for the week. It's for the truly hearty. Again, that's why the ancient meaning of the word warrior keeps coming up with for me that ancient guardian keeper because this requires valor, it requires strength and it requires courage.


Now blue rays and and this goes for many into goes and star seas in general, but we blue rays because of that persecution of that remembering and knowing will come into this experience. We'll incarnate and we'll often want to play along go with the mainstream or we try to play small so that we can feel safe because we remember all of that we feel it right.


But it's when we fully embrace our mission here that our soul and our higher self construct can fully come alive. This is when we We allow ourselves to keep moving forward and to see our divine attributes as a gift.


And to know that ultimately, it's what we're here to do and so we do it. Otherwise, on the opposite end, the other element shows that when a Blue ray is out of balance, there's an attempt to really shut down, shut down in general, but to shut down psychic abilities and there's this attempt to blend in.


And so we hold a lot of grief as we feel again that memory, we feel that persecution. And because that truly runs deep within our template, it can subconsciously affect what gifts we are able to express or that we allow to be expressed.


And so that's why I'm always speaking about not suppressing your divine gifts, because this really is how we fully activate our full potential. and we can ensure that we keep our third eye wide open and so that we don't purposely shut ourselves down.


We're not meant to blend in, so to speak. So we're here to be the high level alchemist through the work of transmutation. Many light workers, star seeds, indigos, not just the Blue ray indigos, we're all here to transmute ancestral lineages, but Blue rays specifically are here to transmute and to bring forth hidden energies or we could say archetypes.


For example, there's the feminine energy that has been victimized and hidden and brutalized and that was really tortured completely out of its entire magick that it holds and now we're bringing that and integrating that into this realm.


And so at the ultimate level, it's making way to really harmonize sacred energies and to awaken the Christed or the Christ consciousness that has been inverted in this realm to mean something else. So when we heal the divine feminine energy within us first, within our individual beings, within the collective, there can be more of a true inner standing of what Christ consciousness really means.


And there are many sacred males and females in union here and in what we can call the past that spoke truths of injustices that were guardians and they saw the persecution, they saw the suffering, the sorrow and the betrayal and all of the magickal and mystical acts of retrieving our soul pieces.


And this is a very powerful healing that can be done. This is actually something that I'm bringing through in what is called vibration medicine and you can watch my video called Did You Know That Humans Are Living Liquid Crystals?


Because I go into some of this as well. But what this means is we must go into the physical body where memory is stored in the bodily tissue in our organs that really holds those points of original traumas.


And what we do is we rewrite them and we do that through many layers of workings that needs to be unique for each human. The trauma can be many layers and can even address a time like being burned at the stake or other horrific things that have happened in this realm and tends to really kick the magick out of us.


There's often this fear that kicks us off the Blue ray Indigo mission on this life path. And so we, Blue ray Indigos, hold the key to our purpose and so we get to choose to boldly step into our creative outlets or the expressions that we're called to.


And the Blue ray is connected to our throat chakra as I mentioned so that creation aspect is usually about getting that magick out into the world, writing, speaking, things of this nature. So, Blue rays, we are here to share gifts and we need to share them even though there's been persecution and even though that persecution looks different today, we're going to see that play out.


For example, today we're going to see it in a different way. People won't like our videos or they'll comment and they'll say nasty things. So there will be backlash in some way because the truth really does trigger people.


And so this path of the Indigo Blue ray is not without challenges. When we say yes and we launch our missions, we are stepping into our power wholeheartedly and at this core is transmutation. So I hope this video helps you to awaken more of your magick.


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