• Why Choose the Disrupt Now Program?

    The above sounds morbid, doesn't it? But, when we think about it, we do know one thing once we're old enough to get it; we're not immortal. We will certainly die one day so what if you were able to live like you knew this and every day you created and lived the life that YOU wanted to live, not a life that's expected of you?


    The above learning came from a woman named Bronnie Ware. She spent her career in palliative care, which means she was a nurse that cared for those with life-limiting diseases and spent their final weeks with them. This led to raw, honest conversations with all of her patients about life and death. She found this was THE NUMBER ONE REGRET! So I believe that it is our job to ensure you do not have those regrets!
    A life filled with PURPOSE is freedom! You may be hiding truths within you and not even realize that you're stopping your purpose from moving through you, as you don't "go find" your purpose, you move out of your own way and uncover it.

    What our Disrupt Now guidance program will do for you:
    You know when you feel like you're in a rut, feeling unfulfilled and lost, and you're not sure where to turn or what to do first? Or, when you feel like you always "want to do something" but never DO that thing you want? When you know you are meant for something bigger, but you can't get there, and you're just not making things happen in your business, or your personal life or your career? Being stuck in the status quo feels like you're in tar and just can't cut loose.


    Don't think you're alone because you're not! Everyone feels like this at some point, but it's about understanding how you move through these transitions and allow yourself to make progress. This program will prepare to you shake yourself free, help you face those barriers that you've constructed in your life, break down those walls, and go through a process of understanding HOW to do it, WHY you need to do it, and WHAT is on the other side of breaking free. This program is designed to ensure you uncover your life's purpose!
    You may be asking, what is status quo exactly and is that an OK thing? The dictionary definition of status quo is simply "the state of affairs", but the reality is that it's a state of affairs that resists progress. When you aren't progressing or taking leaps forward to drive change, then you're not living in your purpose, you're just existing to exist. And, if you run a business, then your business isn't representing your purpose in what it's supposed to be doing in the marketplace and will not come through to others as authentic. The fact of the matter is that status quo doesn't work in our complex world today. Maybe centuries ago, but not anymore. We're asked to transition and meet challenges every day and being "alive" takes a lot more than it used to. It's meeting those transitions and those challenges with strength, courage, and understanding, while yearning to be better than yesterday. That is the formula how each of us personally can help to evolve humanity to get to a better place than we're at today. Life is a work of art that each of us is creating, so being in the status quo isn't being in a position that creates true authentic happiness or success.


    Becoming a holistically healthy and happy individual and living your life with purpose is much more than just meditating, and it’s more than doing yoga sometimes. It’s changing the way that you see the world. And, more importantly, it’s about letting go of those limiting belief systems you've constructed for yourself, and letting your PURPOSE live through you with every breath you take!


    When things don't feel like they're going the right way in your business, or you feel trapped like you just don't know where to go or what else to do to make ends meet, then that is a sign that something needs to shift.


    Say you're launching a new business or a new product and need to get "out there" into the world and realize you're not quite attracting the right people to you, then that means that there is something that's not authentically revealing itself to the people you want to bring into your company's fold.


    Or, if you've been around and you've seen some success, but now you know it's time to blow things through the roof and get to new levels, but you can't quite seem to unlock that power.

    That means that you need some disruption of status quo! It takes disrupting what you've been doing to reach new heights. It requires a new strategy, a new way of thinking, and digging deep into your soul and rediscovering your business' purpose and what it will take to get you where you want to go. We help you become mindful, drive your purpose through everything you do in your business, and give you the guidance and support necessary to get shit done!




    If you don't own a business, you still own your life (you're the artist and creator of your own life), so technically you're an "entrepreneur" of your existence!


    Do you keep hitting barriers and you're sick and tired of feeling like you're just not getting where you need to go?


    Do bad things keep "happening" and you just can't understand why?

    You're thinking a lot about what you need to do, but not doing anything?


    It takes disruption of your current habits to make the changes necessary to move beyond your status quo (that current state of affairs that you're stuck in and making you stop your progression).


    We use our Disrupt Now ethos and mindset and apply this knowledge to help you become more accountable, discover/uncover your purpose, and take action in the right direction to live your life the way you want to.


    The cost of staying in the status quo zone? There is a BIG cost to not making changes and evolution happen in your life.


    • You never reach that future place you want to be
    • You have a dream, but you'll never achieve that dream
    • You have goals, but you'll keep missing them
    • You have a to-do list, but never crossing enough off
    • You will continue to live as if there's no end to your days, and you'll stay in an unfulfilling career. You won't take the necessary risks in your business, you'll remain in unhappy relationships, and you hide your truths, your gifts and let fear rule the day (don't have regrets at the end of your life about all the time you wasted!)

    All of these things will mean that you aren't living in your purpose so you'll always feel lost or feel like you're just missing something.
    We’re going to shake things up a bit. Don’t be afraid. WE WANT YOU OUT OF YOUR HEAD AND OUT OF YOUR MIND.
    What if we told you that you don’t have to go and find anything outside of yourself for happiness? What if we told you that there is no FINDING your purpose and that all you need is to discover it?
    Being self-aware and looking at exactly how to become what you envision for your life, or changing habits you’ve been trying to get at for a long time, this is what this program has been designed to do.

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