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Andrea Mejia's Background Story: Don't Get Lost In The Shuffle

By: Andrea Mejia

· Team Background

Having been tossed around enough times in the corporate shuffle, there was a long period in my life I got lost in the labyrinth of empty promises that spoke of financial success, independence, and personal freedom through good work ethic and merit. It took me well over a decade to finally realize the maze I was stuck in; I woke up to the reality that I would never get a fair shake in the corporate world. And just like that, I was free. I had freed myself from the Matrix. I threw caution to the wind and ventured out to find others like me that were also unplugged. That’s when I met Natalie. Come to find out, she too had broken free; she too took the red pill. What started out as a covenant to build a world we both envisioned, one we knew was lying just beneath the surface, has turned out to be one of the most meaningful experiences of my life. I had found a tribe of like-minded souls driven with strength and the same purpose to elevate others to their highest power as we all bear witness to old paradigms crumbling; helping build a better, smarter, stronger, more empathy-filled world together.

But freedom is something you continuously have to fight for; as these old paradigms begin to shift, they leave new obstacles to overcome. But freedom is always worth fighting for. We live in times of reckoning; of forces at play that requires unity and solidarity if we are to survive and evolve as a species. Rise up to the occasion. Resist. Reclaim your power. DISRUPT the status quo we have been conditioned to merely exist in. It’s time to stop existing and start LIVING. I hope to see you there and look forward to building a better future together.

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